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The Useful Links screen

Inside the Okuna app, you can click the hamburger menu in the bottom right corner of any screen to go to the Menu screen. Then click “Useful links.”

On this screen, you can click a link to go directly to:

  • Github project board
  • Feature requests
  • Bug tracker
  • Community Handbook Site
  • Community Slack channel

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Okuna-focused communities

Also within the app, you can click the bubbles icon at the bottom of any screen to go to Communities.

  • /c/okuna
    App updates, feedback, platform-related chatter.
  • /c/introductions
    Tell everyone you’re on Okuna, find interesting people to follow.
  • /c/communityfinder
    Like /c/introductions, but for communities. Find communities to join, invite everyone to communities you started.

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Outside the Okuna app:


You don’t have to be a current Okuna user to have a window into what’s going on behind the scenes. Visit one of these sites to see what’s being planned, built, or fixed. Jump in to make a suggestion or offer to help – the water’s fine!

Want to ask questions or share feedback without joining one of these external collaboration sites? No problem – simply post your questions or suggestions in Okuna itself. Click the hamburger menu on any Okuna screen, then select “Support & Feedback” to send a message directly to the Okuna team. Several communities have also been created for discussing the Okuna platform: /c/okuna is particularly good for this. The Okuna team is always responsive to user feedback, no matter which channel we use.

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Okuna company sites

To learn about Okuna as a company, visit one of these official sites.

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Using Okuna on your desktop

Okuna is planning to release a desktop app in 2019.

While we wait for the official desktop app, Okuna user @999eagle has built an app to allow use of Okuna on your desktop. It is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Get it here:

A note from Okuna founder @Joel: “It is pretty amazing! As a security-mindful team however, we must ask everyone to use the app at their own risk. We have not verified the source code nor checked the binaries.”

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Do you want to support Okuna?

We’re happy and grateful if you want to help out! There are many ways you can help right now. Here are some ideas:

Have another question? Send us a message!

This info is also in the App menu under “Usefull links”.