Submit Poster Translation

Please check here first if your countries language isn’t already available.

With this form you can submit a request to translate the Okuna Promotional Poster to your language. We will process your request as soon as possible, but please allow us a few days to do so.

We will send you a confirmation email once it is available on the Okuna Nextcloud Downloads Drive.

Next to that we will publish the availability of yet another translation on Okuna and credit you for your work.

We need your name so we know how to call you in the confirmation email
We use your email address only to send you an update when the translated poster is available on the Okuna Nextcloud Download Drive at:
We use your Okuna screenname to give you credits for the translation when we announce the availability of your translation in Okuna
Please state clearly your country and the language you are submitting. Your language can differ from the same language in another country. That's why we need your country. (For example European French and Canadian French are such languages that are the same but yet different.)
Making corrections afterwards is a lot of work. So, that's why we ask you to double-check your translation. So, please take the time to read and check your translation before clicking the tickbox and submitting the form.

Do you want to support Okuna?

We’re happy and grateful if you want to help out! There are many ways you can help right now. Here are some ideas:

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