Support Okuna

Want to support Okuna?

If, like us*, you want to support Okuna, here are some ideas:

● Become one of Okuna’s monthly patrons!

● Donate on Indiegogo!

● Share the Okuna website on social media.

● Talk to your friends and family about Okuna.

● If you’re a developer, you can help Okuna improve the Okuna app.

● If you have an idea for improving the network, let Okuna know.

● If you’re a public figure and would like to become an ambassador, contact Okuna.

*The Okuna Handbook site is entirely volunteer-run. We have no official connection to the Okuna social platform except as users and enthusiastic supporters.

Do you want to support Okuna?

We’re happy and grateful if you want to help out! There are many ways you can help right now. Here are some ideas:

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