Moderation on Okuna

Okuna aims to give every user and moderator the tools they need to help keep Okuna spaces safe and healthy.

How to report a post or comment

Before reporting a post or comment that seems problematic to you, please consider asking the other person for clarification. Remember, another Okuna user may speak a different language or have a different cultural background from you, and this may shape how you perceive their words. Let’s give one another the benefit of the doubt, and check our assumptions.

If you choose to report a post or comment:

  • Send the Okuna team a private message via the Okuna app. Tap the hamburger icon at the bottom right corner of any screen, then select “Support and Feedback.” Start a new conversation and provide as much detail as you can about the issue, so the Okuna team can handle it as efficiently as possible.
  • Use Okuna’s Slack to start a private messaging thread directly with a member of the Okuna team. If you are not yet a member of Okuna’s Slack, join via the Okuna app: Tap the hamburger menu, select Useful Links, then Select “Community Slack channel.” Join Okuna’s Slack via the invite link.
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Issues with a moderator? How to discuss them privately

Once in a while, it may be a good idea for a user and moderator to have a conversation outside of the public sphere of Okuna. Until private messaging is implemented on Okuna, try one of these workarounds.

Option 1: Closed thread in a community

This suggestion is from @oliverzet:

  • Let’s say the issue is with a moderator or administrator of a Community WX. Create a new post in Community WX, in which you write that you want to have a private conversation with Moderator/Administrator YZ. That post will then be closed by a moderator/administrator, so that it is no longer visible to other members. You, as the creator of the post, and the mods/admins of the community, will still be able to comment there. This creates a “semi-private room” where problems can be discussed and resolved in a small circle, reducing potential disruption for the larger Okuna community.
  • Remember: This solution is not entirely private, since all admins and mods of the Community WX can see closed posts. If any other members of Community WX comment on the post before it is closed, then these members will also be able to read along as well (but not comment).

Option 2: Private circle

This suggestion is from @ashesuk:

  • First, create a connection with the moderator. Go to the moderator’s profile page, click on the kebab menu (three vertical dots), and tap “Connect with Moderator YZ.”
  • On the following screen, choose “Create new circle” and name it. For future ease of use, we suggest using the name of the moderator. Tap “Done” and you will have created a private circle that contains only you and one other person: Moderator YZ.
  • When you tap “Done,” your connection request will be sent to Moderator YZ, who may choose to accept or deny the request. If they accept the connection, your private circle is activated.
  • How to know whether Moderator YZ has accepted your connection request: Tap the hamburger menu in the bottom right corner of your screen, then tap “My circles.” The new private circle will show that it contains two people once Moderator YZ accepts your connection request.
  • Create a new post and share it with this new private circle. Your post will appear in Moderator YZ’s home stream. Any comments added to this post by you or Moderator YZ will be visible only to the two of you.
  • Note: This workaround can also be used to private message with any other Okuna user, as long as you are connected.
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Moderation on Okuna: Share your suggestions and feedback

If you have ideas about how reporting and moderation on Okuna can work better, please share them in Okuna’s Slack, in the #community-moderators channel.

Not yet a member of Okuna’s Slack?

  • Within the Okuna app, tap the hamburger menu at the bottom right corner of any screen.
  • Tap “Useful links,” then tap “Community Slack channel.”
  • Use the invite link to join Okuna’s slack, then join the #community-moderators channel.
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Do you want to support Okuna?

We’re happy and grateful if you want to help out! There are many ways you can help right now. Here are some ideas:

Have another question? Send us a message!

This info is also in the App menu under “Usefull links”.