Why are people leaving Facebook?

Friends often ask us why it’s so important to find alternatives to Facebook. If you’re wondering about this too, please browse the list of reasons on this page. Click each link to read the news story at its source.

This list was last updated May 7, 2019

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If you’re ready to make the switch away from Facebook, here’s how to do it.

Replace these social apps:

With these apps:

  • Diaspora – Facebook alternative based on the principles of decentralization, freedom, and privacy.
  • Friendica – a Facebook-style social network with no central ownership.
  • Mastodon – With millions of users, Mastodon is the most popular alternative social network.
  • Okuna – Privacy-friendly, transparent, and community-driven social network.
  • Pixelfed – Ad-free photo sharing app with chronological timeline.
  • Tookapic – 365-day photo-sharing platform that encourages you to be thankful for beautiful, ordinary days.

Replace these messaging apps:

With these apps:

  • Riot.im– End-to-end encrypted Slack alternative that allows you to run your own server.
  • Signal – Open-source text, voice, and video messaging app developed by a nonprofit organization. Sustained entirely by grants and donations.
  • Telegram – Fast and secure cloud-based messaging.
  • Wire – Encrypted, open-source application with support for Slack-style channels, built by ex-Skype employees.
  • Zom – Open-source messaging app created by group of friends with an interest in Tibetan culture.

Replace the VR ecosystem:


  • HTC Vive – Virtual reality ecosystem by HTC and Valve.
  • PlayStation VR – Virtual reality ecosystem by Sony on the PlayStation.
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