Why support Okuna?

Many years ago, when recycled products were still a relatively new “trend,” a friend asked me, “Why would you buy the recycled version of something if it isn’t even cheaper?”

At the time, I didn’t do a particularly good job of explaining to my friend that saving myself a few bucks isn’t always my highest goal. There’s a bigger picture.  

Those of us who are concerned about the effects of out-of-control capitalism can find opportunities to be part of the solution. This often translates to small everyday choices that, yes, may cost us a few extra bucks. It may also require us to do a little extra work.

Anyway, that’s my answer to why I’m a patron of Okuna. I want to support a solution to a big problem that affects many of us. If you believe Okuna is an important initiative aimed squarely at a serious problem, please consider becoming a monthly patron or donating on Indiegogo. More ideas here.

Published by Cara Reynolds

I love Okuna! I’m no coder, but my mild-mannered alter ego is a marketing writer and user experience advocate, so I’m supporting Okuna by writing and maintaining the Okuna community handbook.

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