What Okuna means to me

Okuna’s earliest name was “Openbook,” a reference to transparency (being an open book). The name has evolved, but openness, transparency, and inclusiveness continue to be among Okuna’s core values.

When people ask me why we need yet another social network, I think: Because we need a place where we can listen to and learn from one another. Where we don’t just go to brawl for “our team” and score points at the expense of the other guys.

It’s clear to me from Okuna’s new community guidelines, moderation tools, translation feature, and collaborative approach to building the platform that Okuna is mindfully designing and a space that encourages us to make positive connections and expand the way each of us sees the world.

This can’t be an easy job for the Okuna team, and honestly, Okuna is probably not a place everyone will want to be. It’s a place where you have to be willing to challenge yourself and admit you don’t already have all the answers. But it’s cool because every conversation is the possibility of discovering something new.

If you still believe people are more alike than different, if you believe most of us want what is best for one another and for our communities – even when we disagree about the best ways to achieve our shared goals – then Okuna may be for you, too.

Okuna’s community guidelines can be read on the Okuna app. Non-members can read a working copy on GitHub here. The guidelines were drafted collaboratively by the Okuna team and Okuna users “to ensure we can all achieve a mutually peaceful, respectful, supportive, and kind existence in Okuna.” Naturally, improvement is always possible, and the Okuna team welcomes suggestions from the community. You can share your feedback on GitHub.

Published by Cara Reynolds

I love Okuna! I’m no coder, but my mild-mannered alter ego is a marketing writer and user experience advocate, so I’m supporting Okuna by writing and maintaining the Okuna community handbook.

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