Introducing the Okuna Community Guidelines

As the world has seen in the past few years, a massive talent pool does not automatically ensure long-term success in the social media marketplace. Many of those networks have come and gone, and the few who stayed… well… they’re not what they used to be. Not in a good way; ad-ridden, overrun with bots, plagued with rampant hateful speech, their trustworthiness broken by scandals and unethical practices, the list goes on and on… With the world’s ever increasing need to build connections and relationships online, it stands to reason that more and more people are becoming aware of the sad state of today’s social networks, and are more than justified to no longer trust any of them. Which poses a real challenge to current and future players of the social media arena.

But, there is real hope. Right here, right now.

Okuna is a social network the likes of which the world has never seen and has longed for—for far too long already. Okuna is not a mere foray into social media: we are intent on turning its standard on its head, on being a game-changer. For good. In every sense of the word. To quote the Okuna manifesto, “We’re designing a social network with humanity’s best qualities such as kindness, compassion, tolerance, charity, empathy and cooperation at its core.”.

How are we going to accomplish that?

First, with a team of IT professionals from around the world leading the way, and at this time of writing, over 2300 alpha testers helping them get the Okuna app ready for its fast approaching beta release this May, by making bug reports, feature suggestions, and having discussions on how to improve Okuna.

Also by complementing our talented team and the noble values that drive us with something that goes beyond Okuna’s initial set of core features (privacy-friendly, personal, transparent, secure by design, easy to join, 100% ad-free revenue model, community driven, and good for the planet). Something that ensures Okuna is a social network where people can thrive in, feeling welcome, being safe and respected at all times. A document that people can look up to at any time, and say “Yes, that’s how things work on Okuna, and this is proof that on Okuna, I’m valued and protected as a human being and not a product.”.

A vessel for Okuna’s promise to be a social network for a better tomorrow.

Enter the Okuna Community Guidelines, currently built on GitHub in collaboration with the Okuna Community (so your comments and suggestions on them are most welcome over there!).

Here is the introduction (and overview) of those guidelines, as written by @joel, the founder of Okuna:

We created these guidelines together with the community to ensure we can all achieve a mutually peaceful, respectful, supportive and kind existence under this digital home we call Okuna.

In short:

Embrace diversity, drop the labels and stereotypes, be courteous and polite, respect people’s privacy, curb hate, avoid spamming, keep the bots out, ditch the pornography, keep content legal—and embrace the shared responsibility.

Below, these points are explained in more detail. Please read them.

People found acting outside these guidelines risk having their account/content suspended or deleted.

We also aim to make the process of enforcing these guidelines transparent and open to debate.

Embrace the shared responsibility

Making Okuna a healthy and welcoming community for everyone is a shared responsibility.

  • When everything calls for anger, engage in discussion.
  • When something doesn’t look right, report it.
  • When creating a community, own your community: arm it with moderators and administrators capable and informed to enforce the guidelines of the platform.
  • Have a great idea? Suggest it on the feature board.
  • Found a bug? Report it on the bug tracker.

It’s up to each of us to create a digital space we’re proud and happy to be part of. We’re glad you’re here.

Our community guidelines, though having a clear purpose and reasons for being, need people to make sure they’re respected at all times, while not solely relying on the “Report post” function (accessible to anyone by tapping on the 3-dots menu on the top right of any Okuna post) to achieve that goal. That’s where the community administrators and moderators come in. They have the final say about enforcing our community guidelines; that separate, human intervention will always be required to make sure any content people post on Okuna (be it a post, a comment, a picture, etc.) isn’t targeted unfairly by people with less than noble intentions, and get simply deleted based on the number of reports.

Administrators and moderators of the /c/openbook community keep a close eye on the content posted over there, but also on what is going on in Okuna at large, all in an effort to make sure the community guidelines are respected by everyone. Of course, administrators and moderators can’t be and don’t have the time to be everywhere on Okuna at the same time (only Doctor Strange could get close to be pretending that, afaik). To echo what @joel said: it’s everyone’s responsibility to help keep Okuna the safe haven we all deserve. So if you see a post here that you think violates our community guidelines, please report that post by using the aforementioned “Report post” function. An administrator and/or moderator will respond to you and deal with the situation appropriately, clearly, respectfully, and in a timely manner.

If you need any help about Okuna, feel free to ask anyone in the /c/openbook community! If you need to contact Okuna development team for any reason (post reports, bug reports, questions, suggestions, etc.), you can reach them directly from their contact form on, or within the Okuna app by tapping on the “hamburger” menu on the bottom right of any Okuna screen, then on “Support & Feedback”. You can also reach the team with this contact form. Our private messaging feature is in the works and is stated for release later this year, which will give you another easy way to get help. Whichever communication channel you choose, you can be sure to expect a quick response.

Everyone, I promise you that I will always abide with honor to the Okuna Community Guidelines, and that I always will do everything in my power to make Okuna the best it can be. I hope to inspire people to do the same in the process.


Élaïs Moreau

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